Student Housing Marketing

Providing proven and effective award-winning student housing marketing strategies.

Catalyst has worked with over 150 student housing properties, driving leases with proven marketing ideas and strategies. The Catalyst team can do it all, from site visits and in-depth market research to integrated marketing campaigns — we have the experience in student housing to take your property to the next level. We know students, and by further learning about the audience in your marketplace, we can tailor a marketing strategy to help you fill beds for both the short term and for the long haul. Our unique marketing experience can yield measurable results for your student housing property. With award-winning experience in Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, and a variety of verticals, the Catalyst team has the experience and ideas to successfully take on any marketing project with our hands-on approach.

Student Housing Marketing at Catalyst
We know what students want - we've got the experience to prove it!

Student housing is an integral part of the learning experience.

The higher education culture is changing, prompting changes in student living, as well. Learning now happens in more than just the classroom or from textbooks — it happens everywhere. Students learn from professionals, real-world experience, and each other. This places a higher emphasis on student housing as an integral part of the higher education process. Over 45,000 new beds were added to the student housing supply in 2015. In addition, colleges are seeking new ideas to increase the number of students on campus. With such an influx of student housing options, providers will be forced into a position where they have to showcase themselves as the best option for students who want to live the best college experience possible, not just four walls and a ceiling.

Giving You the Edge with Integrated Online Branding.

More than ever, students and guarantors are looking for their housing information online — is your online presence ready? Does your online presence appeal to out-of-state and even international students? As lead generation continues to be driven by online resources, make sure your first impression is a good one. Since 2014, we’ve launched numerous successful student housing brands, including The Marq — winner of the Communicator Awards’ 2015 Gold Award of Excellence for marketing effectiveness with an integrated campaign, as well as the Internet Advertising Competition’s Best Real Estate Integrated Ad Campaign for their brand launch efforts.

Use our marketing services to help lease up your property
We know what students want - we've got the experience to prove it!

Create a Community Where Residents Want to Renew.

You’ve filled your property — now how do you keep those residents happy and renewing throughout their time in college? At Catalyst, we focus on helping our clients foster a sense of community within their property so residents feel engaged and want to call your property home during their student and young professional years. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter to keep residents engaged, resident satisfaction surveys so you’re always improving, or integrated renewal campaigns to reach residents how they want to be reached, Catalyst can help.

We Have the Student Housing Experience You Need.

Our understanding of the student housing market and our ability to help our clients overcome lease-up obstacles make us unique, and we know your property is, too. Our team has the student housing marketing ideas that you need to stand out from the crowd and attract prospects. We never exercise a one-size-fits-all strategy — our strategic process, tailored approach, and customized solutions yield measurable results for our clients. Let Catalyst perform a marketing assessment on your student housing property today to see what more you could be doing to drive leads to leases.

Use our marketing services to help lease up your property