Multifamily Marketing

We can meet your multifamily marketing needs today.

The multifamily housing industry is constantly changing — stay ahead of the curve with our powerful marketing strategies. Catalyst can audit your marketing strategy to determine where you should best be using your marketing dollars. We won’t send out an email just for the sake of it — our marketing strategy is uniquely tailored for your needs and goals, and with our proprietary tracking method, we can always determine the effectiveness of our campaigns. We’ll work with you to make adjustments and fine-tune your marketing strategy so that it speaks directly to your audience. From market research to campaign development, we can do it all at Catalyst. Our unique marketing experience in niche real estate can yield measurable results for your multifamily property. With experience in Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, and a variety of verticals, the award-winning Catalyst team has the experience to successfully take on any marketing project with our hands-on approach.

Multifamily Marketing for Apartments and Housing
As more younger families decide to rent, make sure your brand is ready

The face of the multifamily community is changing.

Younger families are no longer looking for single-family homes; instead, they are spending a longer time renting instead of buying, looking for a property that creates a sense of community and home. Understanding the changes and shifts in prospects’ wants and needs are essential to building a multifamily community. As more Millennials start to look into multifamily living, providers must cater to their exact needs both in what their facility is offering and in how they are marketing to these Millennials. Renters today are more focused on amenities and technology than ever before, and having a location with a high walkability score is ideal. While having an over-the-top facility is nice, it’s not the only thing that is going to get prospects through the door. Gone are the days of posting apartment listings in the classifieds section of the local newspaper — it’s essential to appeal to a wide range of audiences using a variety of different mediums.

Keep your residents coming back for more.

With digital and social media marketing, you can expect that even your current residents are constantly being advertised to by your competition. It isn’t just about getting new residents through the door; you want to keep them there for as long as you can. So how do you keep your residents happy and coming back for more? Through community engagement, renewal campaigns, resident satisfaction surveys, and more, Catalyst can help you instill brand loyalty in your residents and keep them renewing for years to come.

Multifamily housing is a growing industry
Multifamily housing is a growing industry

Multifamily Demand is Rising, But More Options Arise Every Day.

Since the housing crisis in 2008, new multifamily housing starts have reached and exceeded pre-crisis levels. In 2014, an estimated 351,000 multifamily units were added to the market — a 14 percent increase from 2013. So what does that mean for you? You need to stand out from the crowd! At Catalyst, we specialize in creating a marketing strategy that will make your multifamily property stand out and, ultimately, convert leads to leases. Let us assess your marketing needs today!