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In recent years, our market research shows that students apply to more than seven colleges, resulting in lower admission rates and lower yield rates for colleges. As students have more options on where to go, colleges and universities are required to sell themselves and court their prospective students even after they’ve been admitted to the school. Whether it’s through orientation tours, resident life programming and marketing, advertising university housing options, or gifts that are sent out with acceptance letters, it’s important your school stand out from the crowd and quickly build a rapport so that each student develops a sense of lifelong affiliation with the institution.

From market research to campaign development executing any of these strategies, we can do it all at Catalyst. Our unique marketing experience to college students in the student housing sector gives our agency an exclusive look into what students respond to and what marketing tactics are most effective in various markets. With award-winning experience in Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, and a variety of verticals, the Catalyst team has the experience to successfully take on any marketing project with our hands-on approach.

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An agency that speaks the same language.

By the year 2020, it is expected that approximately 23 million students will be enrolled in college, and at Catalyst, we know how to speak to those students. We have experience marketing to students and know what mediums they respond to and how they want to interact with their future college. It’s not just about talking to or at students today, you have to include them in the conversation so they feel that you will be a part of their support system for the next four years. This support comes in a variety of forms, from academic counseling to residence life programming. At Catalyst, our company can either take the wheel and handle this for you, or consult with you on existing campaigns to make sure you are appealing to your audience.

Award-winning Student Housing Marketing.

Once applicants enroll and become students, your job isn’t over — where are they going to live? How are you going to instill your school’s brand loyalty within them? In 2014, Catalyst launched numerous successful student housing brands, including The Marq — winner of the Communicator Awards’ 2015 Gold Award of Excellence for marketing effectiveness with an integrated campaign, as well as the Internet Advertising Competition’s Best Real Estate Integrated Ad Campaign for their brand launch efforts. Better than anyone, we have the research and know-how it takes to appeal to students and keep them interested through community engagement, resident satisfaction surveys, and integrated marketing campaigns that address their needs and wants. Let Catalyst assess your marketing needs today!

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